The disco domes come in sizes to suit the adults, older children and juniors with stunning lighting effects and we have music to suit all tastes or if you prefer you can use your own favourite music either through a memory stick or an iPod.

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BH0049 19.5' X 15.4' Disco Dome

Suitable for Children or Adults, brightly coloured with rainbow tones the DISCO DOME is out of this world. Once inside it is an experience unlike any other inflatable. The lights discharge bright beams of colour spinning around the DOME that are reflected off the bubble walls.

The music can be as quiet or loud as you determine and we have music to suit adults and children. With the lights following the beat of the music it is such fantastic fun. Bouncing around, getting exercise and having an amazing time, what could be better!!!

The DISCO DOME will be the coolest entertainment at any child's or adult party, school fete or Christmas Event. It generates so much excitement and will be the focal point of any event.

Click on the link below to see the Disco Dome in action, the link will open in a new window just close it to return to this page.

Don't forget to check this will fit in your Venues

To check availability and book please call Bulldog Hire on FREEPHONE: 0800 292 2278 or book online

Click on the link to see the Disco Dome in action

Price: £125
Suitable for: Adults & Children

BH0059 ECO Mini Disco Dome 12' X 16' X 10' high

Bulldog Hire, Rhyl

Due to the popularity of the bigger Disco Dome, this Mini Disco Dome is the latest exciting addition for parties and events with less space and the lower ceiling height means it can fit into venues with a 10' ceiling. This awesome inflatable is made to Bulldog Hires strict safety standards.

The Dome comes with a speaker system in a pocket at the back to safely hide it from children's fingers yet still sends the sound into the Dome. Your child and their friends will have an amazing time bouncing around to the beat of the music and the faster the beat the more quickly the lights move on the inside walls. The Mini Dome is designed for children aged 10 years and below. Your children and their friends will have an awesome time with this inflatable. We have lots of music suitable for children or you can choose your own as the dome.

To see The big Disco Dome in action please click on the link below The Mini Disco dome has all the same features that the Big Dome has, however it is only suitable for children 10 years of age and under: Don't forget to have a look in our Junior Play Equipment for soft play sets and other items to make your party even more fun.

To check availability and book please call Bulldog Hire on FREEPHONE: 0800 292 2278 or book online with confidence

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Click on the link to see the bigger Disco Dome in action.

Price: £85
Suitable for: Children OnlyAvailable Overnight for an extra £20

BH0089 15'X16' Disco Castle

New!! This incredible castle in vibrant colours is hand painted with silhouettes, colourful balloons and stars and is suitable for both boys and girls, adults or children. This castle has been manufactured to European and British safety standard EN-BS-14960 and Bulldog Hires own stringent quality.

Complete with flashing lights that move to the beat of the music. We have a large selection of music to choose from suitable for adults or children, however you may want to choose your own music and put it on a memory stick.

This castle is all about fun, it is a brilliant experience you can have the music as quiet or as loud as you would like, the lights bounce around the inner walls creating amazing colours and will be a fabulous addition to any party, school fete, wedding, and any event were there will be a lot of children due to its larger capacity so everyone can join in the entertainment. Don't delay book now to avoid disappointment. You can either book directly on Freephone 0800 292 2278 or via the website.

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Price: £125
Suitable for: Adults & ChildrenAvailable Overnight for an extra £20

BH0098 12 x 14 A - Frame Disco Castle

New 12 x 14ft Disco Castle

Looking for something different for your party look no further our super hand painted artwork disco castle, with its own Bluetooth music system with disco light is ideal and easy to use all you need is a smartphone, iPad, iPod or anything that has Bluetooth which allows you to play your own tunes. Our castles are made to a very high standard and conform to Bsen 14960

Price: £65
Suitable for: Children OnlyAvailable Overnight for an extra £20