Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are also instructions for the use of the Inflatable/s whilst in your care. They are for your safety and the safety of all the users at your event. Failure to comply with the Terms & Conditions could result in serious injury. Therefore if there is anything you do not understand, please do not hesitate to contact us now, alternatively the telephone number is on the terms and conditions a copy of which you will be given on the day. However these terms and conditions can be printed off using the link at the bottom of the page.

1. The Person or organisation hiring this inflatable/s equipment will be responsible/liable for any damage or injury occurring from or as a result of misuse or reckless use. Bulldog Hire cannot accept liability for any injury caused due to Terms and Conditions of hire not being followed. You will be given a copy of the T & C on the day with a guideline to the amount of users to be on the inflatable at any one time

2. These Term & Conditions are for the SAFETY of all the users and spectators, and it is the sole responsibility of Hirer to ensure that they are adhered to at all times. You can telephone us at any time on: 07808655866 should require further assistance with any aspect of these Term and Conditions on the day.

3. Please do not leave the inflatable in a dirty/muddy condition. Silly string, party poppers and streamers should not be used on the inflatable as use of any of the above could incur a cleaning charge.

Bulldog Hires trained operator will also explain points 4 and 5 on set up.

4. Once the inflatable is set up the HIRER is not authorised to move the inflatable for any reason as this will render the Insurance Cover Null and Void. In the event of heavy rain or sudden high winds ask everyone to leave the inflatable. Turn off the power at the source, before disconnecting the the blower/s from the extension cable. Make sure everyone stays off and away from the inflatable whilst it deflates to avoid suffocation. Take the cables under cover until the rain has stopped.

5. Re-inflation (step 1) Once the rain has stopped and/or wind ceased plug the blower/s into the extension lead first before switching the power back on at the source. (step 2) Should the blower fail to start, or cut out at any time during use (inflatable will start to go soft get everyone off) Please check the tube from the blower to the inflatable has not come loose. Make sure the extension lead is switched on at the plug, leave the blower off for 2 - 3 minutes then press the 'reset' button on the blower/s. The inflatable should re-inflate within 2 minutes. Do not allow anyone onto or near the inflatable until fully inflated. Rainwater can be wiped of the bed/step with a towel (bubbles are normal). If in doubt at any time please contact Bulldog Hire on 07808655866

6. Please do not allow users of vastly different ages and sizes onto the inflatable at the same time as this could result in injury. Head gear must always be worn by participants were supplied. (PLEASE SEE USER GUIDELINES ON THE REAR OF YOUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS).

7. Anyone with back/neck injuries or pregnant ladies should NOT use the inflatables. Anyone under the influence of Alcohol and or drugs are not allowed onto the inflatable under any circumstances and MUST NOT be allowed to supervise for any reason.

8. Please ensure users remove their shoes (not socks) and spectacles before using the inflatable. Remove any sharp objects from their pockets such as keys, and anything that could get snagged such as big earrings or other jewellery.

9. NO climbing, lying on or hanging from walls or beams, no somersaults, back flips, front flips, kicks on any inflatable. Any users behaving aggressively OR a Danger to other should be removed.
Entering and exiting the unit must be via the approved entry/exit points for the inflatable.

10. Head Gear MUST always be worn by participants were provided. Pugle Sticks and or Pillows supplied MUST be used on the Rock & Roll Gladiator Joust, the Gladiator Duel and the pillow bash. The use of anything else could cause injury. Spectators must not be allowed onto the bed when in uses. Ensure users are of similar weight and height.

11. Pets, Smoking, Barbeques, fireworks, sparklers or any naked flame must not be permitted near the inflatable.

12. Please ensure that users do not eat or drink whilst bouncing, this includes sweets, gum and lollipops, this could lead to choking and is Dangerous

13. The inflatable must be supervised by a responsible adult ( over the age of 18 years) at all times, In the case of assault courses and Human Table Football two persons should supervise, one at each end. A second person can be an assistant under supervision and over 16 years of age.

14. EMERGENCY: In the event of an Emergency on the inflatable CALL 999. DO NOT DEFLATE THE INFLATABLE 

FIRE... Remove all users to a safe distance away from the inflatable and CALL 999 IF safe to do so Unplug the Blower from Mains and allow the inflatable to deflate.

Please telephone Bulldog Hire on 07808655866 to advise of any emergency.

On the day of HIRE: A Dynamic Risk Assessment will be carried out at the 'Set Up' and you will be asked to sign a copy of the Terms & Conditions. You will then be given a copy of the Terms & Conditions to refer to during the hire period, along with a sizing guideline to refer to during your hire period.

If you would like to download a copy of the Terms and Conditions and User Guidelines then follow the link to download a printable copy Terms and Conditions & Safe Use

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